Oh, hey!  I'm so glad you're here.  

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I'm Kelsey!  I'm a Grand Valley native, having grown up (and still live) in Fruita, Colorado, just a few minutes outside of Grand Junction.  I love it here!


I've been married to my amazing husband, Matt, for over a decade... and I can't even believe I'm saying that!  It's been 11 incredible years of marriage, and nearly 14 years all together.


I feel so fortunate to live in this beautiful state!  We enjoy hiking in our gorgeous valley, drinking local beer & wine, and making delicious food.    


One of our favorite things to do is go to as many concerts as possible.  There's nothing better than a cold beer, live music, and Colorado skies.  


I graduated Colorado Mesa University with a degree in Accounting, but it was there that I discovered my passion for photography.


- my all-time favorite song is "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman -

- my perfect Friday night involves a bottle of wine, my husband, and a good book or TV show -

- I love road tripping with my husband, a variety of music, and dill sunflower seeds -

- my husband is an amazing cook, so most of the time I sit in the kitchen drinking wine while he makes me delicious food -

- my favorite band is Blue October, and I've seen them perform live multiple times -

- my husband says he knew he needed to marry me when I picked "Silence of the Lambs" for our first in-home movie date (it's my favorite) -

- I'm pretty sure that I could live off of pizza everyday -

- I was a competitive swimmer for many years, and my happy place is still a swimming pool in the sunshine, complete with the smell of chlorine and sunscreen -

- I'm confident that I will never outgrow my love for gummy worms -

- I've seen every episode of "Friends" at least 100 times, easily -

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