Brian & Kelly

Palisade Wedding at Colterris Winery

August 4, 2018

Kelly & Brian’s wedding at Colterris at the Overlook was so beautiful! Besides being one of my favorite local wineries (their wine is incredible!), the views at the overlook are amazing! It was a pretty cloudy on the day of the wedding, but that didn’t distract from the amazing scenery that surrounded them. A reception was held in their backyard, and that kind of setting is near and dear to my heart - as my husband and I also had a own backyard reception.

The One Where They Get Married:

“You can't measure love, nor can you adequately describe it to another person. Perhaps more than any other emotion, you know it when you feel it. You'll know when you found your soul mate, when you really do want to spend the rest of your life with someone, when your mind and your being are at one with what you believe. This is true love, the greatest love of all. And this is the story of us :)

Brian and Kelly met Thanksgiving weekend November 2015 and not a day has gone by since then that they haven't talked at least once! What started as a first date sharing common interests of loving and appreciating the great outdoors, hiking endless trails with their beloved pups (Hans, Kona and Molly), mountain biking, camping , trying new breweries, swapping jokes from their favorite show, "Friends", and exploring every part of this beautiful state we call home, blossomed into a relationship full of love, laughter, and adventure. Brian taught Kelly how to dirt bike and Kelly helped Brian to enjoy putting endless miles on his hiking boots. Kelly knew from the first date with Brian that there was something very special about him and knew that he would have an incredible impact on her life. She fell immediately for his biceps and his bright blue eyes :) Brian said that he thought Kelly had the greatest smile and he knew right away she was one of the sweetest people he had ever met. The first word he thought of when he met her was "adorable!" He felt time flew by on their first date and they talked for hours!! After spending several summers camping and recreating throughout the Western Slope, Brian and Kelly decided to set roots in Fruita as their new home-sweet-home!

As they were building their dream home together, Brian knew Kelly was the woman he had been looking for and began making plans to propose. Meanwhile, Brian's family in Wisconsin were also making plans to come out to visit the couple in August to see the new house. Realizing this could be the opportunity that both Brian and Kelly had been waiting for (a simple, low-key, relaxed wedding), they decided to get married!

The proposal: Have you ever seen the Friends episode where Mike is trying to propose to Phoebe in many grandiose ways but something keeps happening? This was similar for Brian! Brian had many ideas and plans for the proposal but due to timing and the ring being accidentally shipped off to Memphis, he decided to propose in a way that he KNEW Kelly would love and cherish so much. While on a hike at one of their favorite trails with their pups on the 4th of July, Brian slipped a ring on a carabiner attached to Hans' collar. Brian asked Kelly to check Hans as he said it looked like Hans had a fishing lure stuck on him! Concerned, Kelly went to check on Hans as she could hear a weird jingling sound and noticed the carabiner. She was very confused trying to figure out how in the world Hans had a carabiner suddenly attached when she saw the ring and Brian on one knee. Brian and Hans proposed to Kelly. She immediately burst into tears. You see, Hans, Kona and Molly are our world and Hans has had several health issues over the past year. Every day is a blessing with Hans. Brian knew how important it would be to have Hans included on the proposal and it meant everything to her!!! Kelly said yes a million times over and will always remember this incredible day and the sweetest proposal from the man of her dreams!

Since we have met, we have hiked, biked, and ran over 1,000+ miles together. Every single day is an adventure together and we are so grateful to have the rest of our lives to live every day to the fullest!!!”